Sunday, May 24, 2015

Etsy shop reopened and ready to take orders

I reopened my Etsy shop the other day. I thought that people were waiting for us to unveil our Eddie shuttle with a hook. Well, the sales have been underwhelming. I expected to receive more orders than what I have gotten.

I guess it's a good thing because Shawn has been busy at work and this is giving him a much needed break. He has been so busy lately that I worry about him. He isn't a young man any more and can't stay awake as long as he used to. I try to let him sleep as much as he can.

I've been keeping busy making chain maille. I've really begun to enjoy the craft. I have purchased a lot of supplies for it. I even got a sample of most of the sizes and made a chart of each one for future use. I will be able to tell what sizes I need for projects.

Eclipse will be home in 3 days. I can't believe he's been gone for 11 days already. I miss my little guy and can't wait to see him again. I have been following his progress on Instagram and here are the photos that have been taken of him.

First day at training
First walk in training
Sitting in the sun
Eclipse learning to "leave it"
Eclipse and his best friend Murphy the Newfie.
Eclipse in his 'spot'

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