Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nothing going on

Not much going on lately. Olivia is still home but will be leaving on Saturday for her next semester in college. It was an interesting month having her home.

It snowed here yesterday. We only got a few inches. The dogs loved playing in it, for about 10 seconds and then they were ready to come inside.

We also got the appraisal on the house done yesterday. I'm anxious to see what the house is worth. Refinancing is a pain in the rear, but my loan officer is a great friend so I know he will take care of us.

I've been doing a lot of beading lately. I have two loomed cuffs going right now.

I haven't started working on the quilts I want to get finished in 2015. It will happen. I feel like I will be abandoning some other crafts, though. I think I need a break from tatting right now. I've been taking a break for a while. I even am considering not going to the tatting conference in Fingerlakes NY this year. I know that I should go to see my friends and I always make a lot of money selling shuttles and thread, but I haven't been inspired to go yet. I'm sure I will soon. I don't even know what classes are going to be offered yet. There is no info posted about it yet on the Fingerlakes Tatters web site yet.

I think I'm just getting the blahs. I am sure I'll get over it.

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