Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The kids wedding date is almost here

I cannot believe that my son's wedding date is only 12 days away. I have most everything ready.

I have all of the bookmarks made but not all in my possession yet. I will have the last of them on Friday. I made the tatted portion of one of the brooches ready for Nita and I to put on our dresses.

Here are some pictures of them.
These really don't show the bling I put on them, but that's ok. I couldn't believe that I found two brooches that were the exact same.
I made them with silk thread, Swarovski crystals and crystal beads. I borrowed some elements from a Renulek pattern, but the entire design is mine.

I got my dress back from the tailor's office and it fits great. I am so pleased. The brooch will replace the really ugly rhinestones on the left hip of my dress. Nita has the same issue on her right hip. We will be matching to a point.

I am still making some surprise gifts for the bride and the bridesmaids. I should be done with everything done by Friday.

I also found the perfect pattern for a beaded necklace. I ordered some Swarovski crystals and have to wait for the order to come in to get the necklace done. It won't take me long to get it finished when I finally get the supplies.

Shawn finally got a job that has real potential. He will be running a security site here in Maryland for a company based in Richmond, VA. We are waiting right now for the boss to call him with all the details of the position. All we know is that his title is Security Operations Manager. I am getting anxious about this, but Shawn is in standby mode. He also has another job interview tomorrow. He's not going to stop hunting for a job until he is sure he has a solid job. I respect him so much for what he is doing and his commitment to our family.

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