Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So Calvin and Jessica are between houses and they are staying with us intil mid September. So I am blessed to get to see my Goddaughter every day. Mariyah is such a doll. Her face just lights up when she sees you. She is such a happy baby. Well, I can't really say she's a baby any more. She'll be 18 months old on August 8th.

After dinner tonight, she and I blew bubbles in the front yard and then I took her for a walk. It was a  nice and the evening air was such a fresh change to sitting in the house all day.

Olivia will be going back to Ohio in Friday. Well she's going to Pittsburgh to visit her brother for the weekend and then on Monday will travel back to Ohio for her Sophmore year in College.

I'm going to get some tatting done now. I'm working on a pattern by Martha Ess. It's Two Hearts as One. Two interlocking hearts done in a celtic pattern. It's 4 shuttles and you really have to move shuttles thru unclosed rings, stop rings in the middle, intertwine chains, PHEW. I'm doing each heart seperately first to have a reference when I tackle the real pattern.

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