Sunday, April 7, 2013

Visit from the owner of The Woodshop Customs

Shawn and I had a great weekend. Our son, Nathaniel came home for a quick visit yesterday and left today. He's the Owner and CEO of "The Woodshop Customs". He makes all kinds of wooden products, but his main product is plaques and paddles for Fraternities and Sororities. (sorry if I spelled them wrong). He's got an amazing mind for woodcrafts and is an Archetict by degree.

We bought a new car a couple weeks ago and gave him Shawn's old car. It's nice to be able to help our kids and save them some money. Nate needed a new car so it all worked out perfectly.

Nate evaluated our set up for woodworking and gave us a few pointers on how to make our area more effecient and strongly advised that I mount my scroll saw on a table because it vibrates when I use it. He likes what we are doing so that makes me feel good that a pro woodworker was OK with how I am working.

He left a while ago with a huge smile on  his face, driving away in his "new to him" car. It's nice to be able to see our kids when they get the chance to come visit.


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    1. Of course I had to promote Nate. He gave me some really good advice on how to improve my effeciency and setup of the shop.