Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 days to Finger Lakes

I am getting excited that 10 days from now I will be on my way to New York to attend the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference.
I am getting ready for it by making shuttles, dyeing thread, preparing my shuttles for the classes I am taking, and planning what extra stuff I am bringing. I know that I have been planning this trip for a while - ever since I saw a reference on a tatting group site about it, (I think December). So anyway, now that it's almost here, I am getting giddy.
Shawn offered to let me take the new car because of the gas mileage. Not sure if I want to drive the Mustang up there. I am so comfortable in my Flex, but man that Mustang is sweet. Pros for the Flex are  - lots of room, Sirus radio, a fridge in the car, a 110 power outlet, built in Nav system. Pros for the Mustang are - pretty sweet ride, fast, MUSTANG, good gas mileage. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. I won't make the decision until just before I leave.
Well, back to work getting HDT done.

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