Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's been a while

It sure has been a while since I've written an entry here. So much has been going on.

July was a crazy month. Grandma Dex turned 101. What a blessing to have her around for so long. She is finally home and resting after being in the hospital and then a nursing home.

My son turned 30 at the end of July. I can't believe it's been 30 years since I first discovered real love. He is an amazing person and I am so proud of him. We had a Nerdy 30 party for him on August 1st in Pittsburgh. It was so much fun. We all dressed up and had a great time.

Shawn has been working a LOT. I hardly ever see him anymore. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and he will be able to have time off soon, but for now, we just let him work and rest. I am trying to do all the housework so he doesn't have to think about it.

Some bad things happened as well. My friend since grade school lost her husband to cancer. It is a terrible time for her and I feel so bad for her. I wish I could take her pain away. Then another friend lost his wife this past week. Also from cancer. It puts so much into perspective.

We had to give our cat away. My service dog and the cat didn't get along and it was stressing the cat out. It is hard for him not to be here. I miss him a lot. He just left yesterday. The new family is going to take him for a 2 week trial to see if he gets along in their home. If it works out, they will keep him, if not, he will come back here until I can find a proper home. He was so stressed out. He was urinating outside of his litter box about once a week. Mostly on my things. He ruined my laptop bag, clothing, and even on my bath towel. It stinks because I've had him since he was 4 weeks old. I gave the new family all of his things to make the transition a little easier. The last report that I got was that he was hiding in the corner, but made sure he was facing them and purring loudly. That's a good sign. It means that he wants attention. I told them that and hopefully they will shower him with love until he gets settled in.

I have been working on some beading projects and am taking a loom class this Saturday. I have some pre class work to do. Trying to get that done.

I already signed up for the Palmetto Tat Days conference in September. I will have a vending table again and I've even been asked to assist one of the teachers for her class. I am excited about that. Shawn and I need to get some shuttles made to sell and I need to get some thread dyed. I also want to make some more tote bags, but a different design this time. I will get it all done. I always do. I am bringing Eclipse with me and have that all worked out. I just need to send in my payment for the conference. I will be mailing that soon. I'm expecting a large check soon and will be using that money to pay for my trip. I hope that I make enough money to cover my trip. I'm pretty sure that I can make some money with the new shuttle designs that I didn't have last year. I will be unveiling a new design at the conference. I hope it's a nice seller. Shawn is amazing with his designs and I really love to watch him make them.

I have a bunch of projects that I want to get done in the next few weeks. I have too many unfinished projects laying around. It bugs me that I am not finishing things.

I have had a really bad sore throat and have not been able to speak for the past 3 days. I am on voice rest as much as possible. I am hoping that I get better soon. I almost feel like I have bronchitis. That's not unusual for me to get it, but not this early in the year. Meds are not working, so I think I need to make a doctors appointment. UGH, I hate going to a new doctor. All the medical history I have to give just depresses me all the more. I don't like to remember most of the things that have happened to me. I may have to just type a document and print it out to bring with me. That way I'm not sitting there trying to remember it all.

Oh, Olivia got a job at a liquor store. She really likes her job. It's part time right now, but they are giving her more hours each week. I'm happy for her.

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