Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I have registered my ESA today

Well, I got my ESA yesterday and he is registered in the national database today.

If you don't know what an ESA is, it's an Emotional Support Animal. My doctor recommended that I get a dog that I can bring with me to help me when I feel overwhelmed or anxious in public. My two Pit Bulls didn't fit the bill because they are too excitable when we go out in public. The cat hates to go out, so we got a small dog for me to bring with me.

I chose to get a Papillon. I did a lot of research on which animal would best suit my needs and there was a choice between a Papillon and a Pomeranian. The Papillon is not a yappy dog, is extremely smart and very trainable. So I researched breeders and the first one I called had a male, black and white, and on the larger size  meaning 8-9 pounds. After a few weeks of talking to her and many discussions about how he will be raised with the pit bulls, he was delivered yesterday. I named him Eclipse. He is a purebred and has papers. I need to register him with the AKC.

He's 16 weeks old and, believe it or not, he's litter box trained until it's warm enough to start house breaking him. He's only had one small accident and that was in his play pen. He is very cuddly and loving. He has already tried to put Zura in her place by barking at her when she tried to take a toy from him.

We had a little bit of disruption last night. He had a hard night but I completely understand. He was ripped from his home and his mother and thrown into a home with 3 other animals that he doesn't know and people he'd never met before. We disrupted his entire schedule and he just had a hard time. I think we will be a little better tonight.

He's already such a cuddle bug. He loves to lay in my lap and chill out, but only after he's taken about 30 laps around the room. He loves to run.

Here is a picture of him.

His ears should be standing up soon. They have flopped down because he is teething. But if not, I'm OK with him not having the ears that stand straight up. I'm not going to show him, but I will train him to do agility. His energy level pretty much demands I do some kind of training.

Well, time to put this little guy to bed. He has a vet appointment tomorrow with my vet to be checked out.


  1. Very cute puppy! I hope he and the other pets get used to each other quickly and that he works out well as your ESA.

    1. Thank you so much. Sorry I am late replying. I just saw your message. The puppy and the big dogs are getting along very well. The cat is another story. The cat is tolerating the puppy for now.

  2. He is adorable!!! Hope the adjustment period goes quickly!!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. He is adjusting well. He loves to jump onto my lap and then dive back onto the floor and chase the other dogs. He's so much fun to have. I just love this little guy.