Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy weekend I just had.

Boy, I'm happy that Monday is almost here and I can relax a little. I had a busy weekend.

Olivia came home on Thursday to celebrate her birthday with us. She turned 22. I had a beading class on Thursday, then we watched football. My team won and that made me very happy.

On Friday I had to get up early and get some stuff done around the house, then a meet and greet with Diane Fitzgerald on Friday. Diane is a beading designer who has written many bead books.

After that we went to the movies with Olivia for her birthday, then hung out little at home. Shawn had to go out and check on his employees so it was just the two girls at home. We went our separate ways so we could work on different projects.

Saturday we prepared food for the birthday party. We had about 12 people over and had a mountain of food. We talked and had a great time just hanging out.

Today I got up way too late to go to church, but did make it to my bobbin lace lesson. I got help getting through a really rough spot in my pattern.

Now I am sitting in my recliner with the cat on my lap. He has decided that I am not going anywhere and is sound asleep. He knows that I won't get up if he's sleeping so he made sure to fall asleep right on my leg. Funny cat.

The dogs are just relaxing on the floor in front of us and Shawn is in his recliner watching NASCAR.

Olivia had to go back to Ohio because she has school tomorrow. I miss her already. It stinks when your kids live so far away.

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