Monday, August 5, 2013

Time for tatting

I need to make time for tatting. I haven't been able to tat as much as I've wanted to in the past few weeks. It always seems like something stops me. I either spend too much time on the computer or I find something in the house that needs to be done.

I have every intention to sit in my chair and tat, then I open the computer and before I know it, 3 hours have passed. Or I pick up my shuttles and the phone rings, someone knocks on the door or Shawn comes home.

Sometimes I see people post on FaceBook what they have tatted that day and I think "I really wish I would have tatted that much today".  Where do people find the time?

I often wonder if other people think the same thing. Maybe I need to make a schedule and stick to it.

I also need to find time to crochet, knit, learn new lace techniques, cross stitch, bead, dye thread, make shuttles, and so much more.

I love my life, but I need more of it.

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